Chinese Case Study

CASE STUDY BY BUSINESS OWNER (English corrected by John Knight)

I was introduced to John at the beginning of 2012. I quickly realised that John had an excellent broad business background and that he could help with some of the problems we were having in our various family export businesses, based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. We export directly to customers in the West via on-line shopping portals such as eBay and Amazon. We were getting bogged down with questions from customers that we were unable to handle efficiently and in a timely manner. This didn't help in our relationship with the customers or the portals and in fact can lead to being suspended.

John solved this problem and was able to help smooth the operation for us by writing many template letters for all the situations we were encountering or would encounter. The standard replies were obviously written in impeccable English, whereas our staff were making grammatical errors that caused friction with the customer and which were open to misinterpretation. In such situations queries were taking weeks to resolve and so we were being penalised by the shopping portals. John's new standard responses cut this out completely and customers were impressed with the speed with which we dealt with their queries. It gained us positive results with the portals too, as they measure us constantly.

It also helped deal with some customers who were fraudulently claiming refunds for products that weren't faulty and John virtually stopped this happening with his standard responses.

In addition to this, John introduced his new forms with staff training on the new forms, which covered the use of Business English and Western Culture training. John had the ability to work with all levels of staff to find out how our business worked and apply the solutions that worked for us and he became very popular in our companies, with all levels of staff.

He also introduced a Quality Control Procedure and control form, for all our products that would demonstrate to the shopping portals our intention to provide top quality products and service.

As a result of all John's work, we consistently then received top customer ratings in all our on-line stores for all our companies, which helped improve sales to old and new customers. As a result, our businesses have gone from strength to strength.

I once told John that he was "The Best" and so he is! I am therefore very pleased to write this testimonial for John to use on his website and show to potential clients.

Thanks John for all your efforts during 2012, 2013 and 2014. We are sorry that you are still not with us in China and Hong Kong, but wish you well in you return to the UK.